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future:Question: I  thought  I  just  read  in  Chapter  Twenty-Seven  that  time  doesn’t  exist. What are you doing calling the last chapter in this book “The Future?” Answer: You’re right. FUTURE:But I also said in Chapter Twenty that “I can still dream;” and that’s what I’d like to do – dream a little about the future – as long as I don’t get attached to the fulfillment of those dreams. Actually, toward the end of your time in the cocoon, you begin to see ripples in the Universal ocean, movement in the “Earth Environment” template; and sometimes it’s fun to speculate – in a general sort of way – where those ripples might be heading. I’m seeing a  couple  ripples  I  want  to  focus  on  for  a  few  minutes  before  I  end  this  book,  simply because I find some of this stuff fascinating. The first ripple I see is that the drama and conflict and pain and suffering and war and violence and hardship in the “Earth Environment”  template  are actually  increasing across  the  world,  despite  –  or  perhaps,  as  explained  in  Chapter  Eighteen,  in  part  as  a result  of  – the  resistance  of more  and more  “peaceworkers.”  Some  of the  “developed” countries  haven’t  been so hard hit  yet,  but they will  be as the  global  economic  system becomes more chaotic. It seems like every day the news is full of more deaths from war and violence, and from  natural  disasters  as  well.  More  people  are  out  of  work  around  the  world,  more barely living from hand to mouth, more losing their homes, more with no idea how they or  their  families  will  survive.  More  economies  are  failing,  more  governments  are collapsing  or  being  challenged,  and  more  theories  of  everything  are  falling  by  the wayside. For  me,  however,  this  is  not a  “bad” thing  at  all.  FUTURE:It  may  actually  be  signaling  the beginning  of  a  mass  exodus  out  of  the  movie  theater  with  large  numbers  of  Players gathering around the garden ready to eat from the Tree of Life. In other words, the screws may  be  tightening,  the  rubber  band  may  be  stretching  to  its  limits,  the  situation deteriorating until more and more Human Children are willing to stand up in their seats and yell, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more” – and more Human Adults realize what’s in the back of the movie theater isn’t working either and head for the door. Sometimes things have to get pretty “bad” for that to happen. But I’ve been overly optimistic before, so I can’t be sure.FUTURE:As Alan Shore said in one of his closing arguments in an episode of Boston Legal… “When the weapons of mass destruction thing turned out not to be true, I expected  the American people  to rise up. They didn’t. Then, when the Abu Ghraib torture thing  surfaced, and it was revealed that our government participated in rendition – a practice  where we kidnap people and turn them over to regimes who specialize in torture – I was  sure then the American people would be heard from. We stood mute. “Then  came  the  news  that  we  jailed  thousands  of  so-called  ‘terrorist’  suspects,  locked them up without the right to a trial, or even the right to confront their accusers.  Certainly we would never stand for that. We did. “And now it’s been discovered the Executive Branch has been conducting massive  illegal  domestic surveillance  on its own citizens – you and me; and I at least consoled  myself that finally – finally  – the American people will have had enough. Evidently we  haven’t. “In fact, if the people of this country have spoken, the message is, ‘We’re okay with  it all – torture, warrantless search and seizures, illegal  wiretappings, prison without a  fair  trail,  or  any  trial,  war  on  false  pretenses.  We  as  a  citizenry  are  apparently  not  offended.  FUTURE:There  are  no  demonstrations  on  college  campuses;  in  fact  there’s  no  clear  indication that young people even seem to notice.”1 Maybe it’s an encouraging sign that “young people” aren’t demonstrating on college campuses,  or  otherwise  protesting  in  general.  Perhaps  it  means  they  are  beginning  to realize  that “changing things” isn’t working, but they also see the futility in resistance, the  purposelessness  in  joining  groups  in  the  back  of  the  movie  theater,  the  rampant contradictions and inconsistencies in all judgmental belief systems. Maybe “young people” are simply numb, fed up with the whole thing, but with no clue of what to do, no concept yet of a viable alternative to the outdated and inaccurate models  of  life  found  inside  the  movie  theater.FUTURE:  Perhaps  they’re  ready  for  this  Human Game model. As  I  asked  in  Chapter  Twenty-One,  “How  much  more  pain  and  suffering  and limitation and restriction is required before millions of Players surrender, understand it is their  own  judgments  and  resistance  causing  that  pain  and  suffering,  and  are  willing  to begin processing the false knowledge and layers of the ego that are part of life inside the movie theater?” So Ripple #1 appears to me headed in the direction of more pain and suffering, and says to me the rollercoaster is nearing the top of the first hill, when things get really tough and the going gets really rough for those inside. * * Ripple #2, going in the opposite direction, is that there are also signs more and more Players  are  waking  up  from  their  dreamstate,  or  at  least  waking  up  within their dreamstate. You recall  I  talked  about  a “template”  (or  matrix)  for the  “Earth  Environment”  in Chapter  Twenty-Four. Let’s  speculate  a little  on how that  template  might  change from time to time…. Remember The Field? “A field of all possibility.”2 “The  foundation  of  the  universe  is  a  single  universal  field  of  intelligence…  the  fountainhead  of all  the laws of nature;  all the  fundamental  forces, all  the fundamental  particles, all the laws governing life at every level of the universe.”3 “We  can’t  explain  what  we  do  see  as  matter…unless  we  picture  that  these  matter  particles somehow come out from or emerge from these thought-wave patterns.”4 An  Infinite  I goes  to  this  Field  and  chooses  certain  specific  wave  frequencies  to create the holographic experiences it wants for its Player. But rather than having to re-create the car and the buildings and the briefcase – and the galaxies and the solar system and this planet – each time, it uses a template in The Field  I have  called  the  “Earth  Environment”  for  its  basic  “total  immersion  movie  set,” and adds whatever unique aspects it wants for its individual Player. Then it downloads that hologram to its Player’s brain. I  also  talked  about  the  human  brain  receiving  these  holographic  wave  frequencies from The Field and translating them into our “physical reality,” like a radio that receives sound wave frequencies and translates them into music and words we can hear; and this is where the Player comes in. Let me explain…. A radio has a certain range of frequencies it can receive and translate into sound. FUTURE:The AM range is 535-1605 KHz, and the FM range is usually 88 – 108 MHz, although this can vary slightly from country to country. Obviously, there are sounds to be heard outside of those frequencies, but a radio receiver doesn’t pick them up. This is also true for humans, who can hear only a limited range of sounds as well. Dogs,  dolphins  and  other  creatures  can  hear  different  frequencies  than  we  do,  for example. There  is  some  scientific  evidence  our  brains  are  receiving  a  much  wider  range  of frequencies  than  we  are  able  to  perceive.  Michael  Weliky  from  the  University  of Rochester conducted a study which led him to conclude that perhaps as much as 80% of the frequencies we receive are “locked in our heads,”5 unable to be perceived. Regardless  of  how  wide  a  range  of  frequencies  the  human  brain  might  be  able  to receive from The Field, it’s clear there is a limited range of frequencies we can actually perceive. What exactly is determining this range of frequencies? The judgments, beliefs, opinions,  and  fears  we  form  in  the  first  half  of  the  Human  Game.  So  at  any  given moment,  the  “Earth  Environment”  template  in  The  Field  available  to  an  Infinite  I to create a hologram for its Player is limited to a certain range of frequencies the Player can perceive based on their judgments, beliefs, opinions, and fears.FUTURE: I  want  to  say  that  a  third  time  because  it’s  so  important:  Our  judgments,  beliefs,  opinions, and fears limit the range of frequencies our Infinite I can use from The Field to  download a holographic experience we can perceive. FUTURE:This is demonstrated so well by Dr. Bruce  Lipton  in  his  exercise  with  the  two  sets  of  colored  glasses  and  the  pictures  of FEAR and LOVE.6 With  that  in  mind,  I  want  to  take  a  look  at  the  frequency  range  of  our  current template of the “Earth Environment,” but this is going to be a little tricky because of the wording and the analogy to a radio. I want to emphasize before we start that no frequency is  “better”  or  “worse”  than  any  other  frequency;  and  when  I  use  certain  numbers  to represent  frequencies,  it does  not mean  one number  is “better”  or “worse” just because it’s a “higher” or “lower” number. For example, the music at 91.3 on a radio dial is no “better”  than  the  music  at  104.7.  It’s  just  a  different  frequency  with  different  content. You  may  prefer  to  listen  to  one  kind  of  music  over  another,  but  that  doesn’t  make  it “better.” To help remove all judgments about the numbers, I have intentionally reversed the following graphics from what we would normally expect to see. In fact, doing it this way is more in keeping with our rollercoaster analogy, where the “higher” you go on the first hill, the more limitation you experience. Okay.  Let’s  arbitrarily  say  the  total  frequency  range  in  The  Field  available  to  our Infinite I to create a holographic experience goes from 0 to 2000, somewhat like this…. However, most Players  today can only perceive  part of that frequency range (500- 1800) because of their judgments, beliefs, opinions and fears, somewhat like this…. If  we  were  to  graph  the  Players  on  Earth  and  the  frequency  ranges  they  could perceive, it might look like a Bell Curve…. …with  very  few  whose  experiences  consist  mainly  of  total  joy  and  abundance (approaching  no  limitations);  also  very  few  experiencing  catastrophic  disasters  and plagues  (complete  limitation);  and  the  vast  majority  with  an  “Earth  Environment” template ranging from beauty, sunsets, happiness, and love to war, violence, abuse, and fear. At  any  given  time,  it’s  interesting  for  me  to  look  at  the  template  for  the  “Earth Environment” that appears in my own hologram, to see the frequency range and how it is changing. As I said, it seems to me more and more Players are experiencing more war, violence,  abuse,  and  fear.  The  sheer  numbers  of  people  who  are  in  pain  and  suffering have  seemingly  increased  dramatically  in  the  last  fifty  years  compared  to  previous templates.  What  this  tells  me  is  more  and  more  Players  are  nearing  the  pinnacle  of limitation in the first half of the Human Game, and more and more  Infinite I’s might be ready for their Players to enter the second half. Did  I  make  that  clear?  Rather  than  judging  the  increasing  deaths  occurring  so frequently now from natural catastrophes, or the crash of the world financial system, or the  melting  of  the  glaciers  as  “bad,”  they  may  simply  be  an  indication  the  amount  of limitation  appearing  in  the  “Earth  Environment”  template  is  reaching  its  maximum threshold  and  could  result  in  more  Players  moving  into  the  second  half  of  the  Human Game – as I said, like a rubber band being stretched to its limits before it breaks. * * So  how  can  we  start  perceiving  a  different  range  of  frequencies  in  the  “Earth Environment” template? By letting go of our judgments, beliefs, opinions, and fears on an  individual  Player  level.  We  have  the  free  will  and the  ability  to  do  that;  and in  the process we will shift the frequency range of the “Earth Environment”  template  we can perceive, and therefore the frequency range our Infinite I can use to create our holograms, from this… …to this…. You’ll notice that war and violence and abuse and fear are no longer perceivable in this new range. They still exist, as all frequencies do, but we simply do not experience them any more as individual Players. This is what happens as a Player moves further in their cocoon as they run Robert’s Process and do their  spiritual  autolysis,  letting  go of their  judgments,  beliefs,  opinions, and fears, and especially stripping away layers  of the ego; they simply stop having the limiting experiences they had inside the movie theater appear in their holograms. On  the  other  end  of  the  spectrum,  we  begin  to  experience  more  than  just  beauty, sunsets, happiness and love as we move toward unlimited joy and abundance. I  want  to  emphasize  it’s  not  necessary  to  “send  new  information  to  The  Field”  to create  these  new  frequencies  as  some  teachers  have  suggested,  because  The  Field,  by definition,  already  contains  all  information  and  all  possibilities,  and  because  we  as Players cannot create anything anyway. It is also not necessary to change the number of DNA strands, or achieve a certain level of “enlightenment,” or eat only organic food, or meditate, or anything else in order to begin to perceive this new range of frequencies. All that is required is to let go of the judgments, beliefs, opinions and fears that determined the frequency range for the first half of the Human Game. Now the interesting question is: What if a large number of Players were to leave the movie  theater;  make  their  way through their cocoon;  let go of their  judgments,  beliefs, opinions,  and  fears;  and  were  able  to  perceive  this  new  frequency  range?  What  effect would that have on the “Earth Environment” template in The Field – the one the Infinite  I’s use when creating holographic experiences for their Players? In other words, what might be the effect, if any, if a large number of Players begin the process of transforming into butterflies? Would the bell curve then look like this? * * A British biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, has a theory he calls “morphic resonance,” or “morphic field theory.”7 Basically the theory says when enough members of a species have adopted the same behavior, a critical number is reached, called a “critical mass,” and this new behavior is automatically and rapidly transferred by “morphic resonance” to the entire species. FUTURE:“The  term  [morphic  fields]  is  more  general  in  its  meaning  than  morphogenetic  fields,  and  includes  other  kinds  of  organizing  fields  in  addition  to  those  of  morphogenesis;  the  organizing  fields  of  animal  and  human  behaviour,  of  social  and  cultural  systems,  and  of  mental  activity  can  all  be  regarded  as  morphic  fields  which  contain an inherent memory.”8 Sheldrake’s theories have been heavily criticized by mainstream biologists for many years.  However,  some  quantum  physicists  have  supported  Sheldrake’s  hypothesis,  and even David Bohm suggested it was in keeping with his own ideas of what he called the “implicate” and “explicate” order.9 I  know  from  my  direct  experiences  of  testing  and  challenging  this  model  that  an individual Player can significantly change the range of frequencies its Infinite I can use to create its holographic experiences by letting go of judgments, beliefs, opinions, and fears, and stripping away the layers of ego. So I wonder…. If  more  and  more  Players  were  to  enter  their  cocoons,  would  the  transformational process become faster and easier for each new generation? Would  a  critical  mass  eventually  be  reached  where  all  the  Players  on  Earth automatically walk out of the movie theater and into their cocoons? Would  the  Earth,  as  a  Player  itself,  no  longer  need  a  movie  theater  and  begin  an entirely new game? That’s Ripple #2. I’d like to stay around long enough to see where it goes.

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