Job-a servant of God

About the Book of Job (servant of God)

A Bible text and commentary on the book of Job. Written by Keith Simons. November 2005.

The Book of Job tells the story of a man called Job. Job was a good man. Job trusted God. But Job had terrible troubles.

The devil caused Job’s troubles (Job 1:12; Job 2:6-7). But Job did not know this fact. So Job thought that God caused the problems (Job 19:1-12). In fact, God did not cause Job’s troubles. God merely permitted Job to suffer. Still, Job trusted God. And Job refused to insult God (Job 2:9-10).

Job’s friends tried to help Job. But their advice was wrong. They did not think that God would allow an innocent person to suffer. So they thought that Job was guilty. They guessed that Job had done many wicked things (Job 22:4-11).

Job argued with them. He explained that he was innocent (Job 31:1-40). Job thought that God should help him. But Job was still suffering. So Job supposed that God was unfair (Job 23:13-17). But this idea was wrong. Nobody should accuse God. God is always fair (Job 34:10-12).

God was kind to Job, even when Job was suffering. God taught Job many things. Job learned that death is not the end of everything (Job 19:25-27). Job discovered that God would rescue him (Job 14:13-17). And Job knew that God is wonderful (Job 26:5-14).

Then a man called Elihu spoke. Elihu was wiser than Job’s other friends were. Elihu told Job not to accuse God. And Elihu was angry that the other friends had been cruel to Job (Job 32:2-3).

Then a storm approached the men. And the men heard God’s voice (Job chapter 38 to chapter 41).

God reminded the men that he is very great. He told them about the world, the stars and the sea (Job chapter 38). He described many strange animals (Job chapter 39 to chapter 41). And God explained that he created all these things. So nobody should accuse God. Nobody should say that God is not fair. Instead, we must respect God. And we must be humble.

Then Job was sorry that he said the wrong things about God. And Job’s friends were sorry too. They asked Job to pray for them. And God forgave them all (Job chapter 42).

After Job prayed for his friends, God made Job successful again (Job 42:12-17).

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