jesus-preaching-150x150Jesus loves the little children  All the children of the world Whether yellow, Black or White They are precious in His sight Jesus loves the little children of the world.Without any notion of doubt; it is believed that the above is a well known song in Christian homes and/or children Sunday schools. The song has not come into existence without some biblical support. It was not that Christians fabricated the song to affirm a guess that Jesus Christ, the Saviour, might be especially kind to children. No; not at all. The Holy Bible stressed the love of Jesus for Kids in a remarkable way. Jesus (as the teacher) rarely rebukes his disciples, except on sensitive issues.
We have the instance when the disciples were rebuked for being of little faith [Matt.17:17].Like the above example, Jesus was displeased with his disciples for their forbidding those who brought children unto him. This is to show his love for children and then to emphasize their relevance to life.
Jesus said to his disciples: “Let the little children come unto me… [Mark 10:14]”

Many reasons abound to support the special love of Jesus Christ as shown to the children. Jesus values the quietude and humility of children [Psalm 131:2; Matt 18:3]: children do not harbour malice in their simple and innocent hearts compared to adults. However, children need help and mentoring; this is a reason why Jesus wants them to be accepted by all. Jesus even gave a promise of reward for such acceptance [Matt 10:42]. It is believed that ignorance exists inside the simplicity of children: they therefore need mentors and helpers to tame the ignorance from being inimical.

Jesus as a teacher (Rabbi) believes in the “catch them young strategy.” He desires the children because they are naturally imbued with a heart of flesh that can be easily cultivated without many teachings. This is aligned perfectly with Proverbs 22:6 that advocates the “catch them young strategy.” Furtherance to this, the Bible states that children should be trained unto godliness [Eph. 6:4].
These few reasons are to show why Jesus loves the little children. Jesus loves them to the extent that he would always want their rights given to them [Matt 15:26].

Now as Christians; what should be our reactions to this attitude of Christ? Should Christians just sing the song and sigh emotionally to appreciate the love of Christ? It is believed that such cannot be the appropriate reaction. At Antioch [Acts 11:26] the disciples were referred to as Christians for the first time. What is behind this identity?

The world is trying to place Jesus Christ as the prototype of every true Christian. And so it is. As Indians belong to India and Nigerians to Nigeria so are Christians to Christ. This is to show that Christians belong to Christ and not themselves anymore. Their attitude, inwards or outwards, should be that which is in Christ. Jesus is our role model; He loves and cares for little children so should we.
It is not until little children will crawl to our doors in severe cold; pleading for help that we should now help them. Children are everywhere around us; let us find time for them. The Gwalior Children Charity is a very relevant instance of groups of children patiently waiting for you to reflect this love of Jesus to them.

Since 1977, Dr Sharma has endeavoured to establish a home of love for little children (the Snehalaya) around Gwalior in India. There are many children to help and the project needs expansion in order to cover the children. The Gwalior Children Charity created schools, hospitals, mobile clinics and many other amenities for the upkeep of these children. These projects are quite large to be promptly financed by an individual; so the Gwalior Children Charity is beckoning on the Christian community to assist in showing love to the little children. Contact Dr Sharma on Snehalaya.gwalior@gmail.com or visit the Snehalaya online now: www.helpchildrenofindia.org and www.globalgiving.org/projects/snehalaya-meaning-the-home-with-love-in-hindi/ and www.globalgiving.org/projects/school-to-educate-girls-from-villages-in-india/ or offline at 16 Km Milestone, Jhansi Road: village Sikroda, Gwalior in India and see how you can be helpful.

Your contribution in cash and kind is of immense value to the precious lives of these children no matter how little [Matt 10:42]. Just like Jesus Christ, this is an opportunity for you too to say “Let the Children come.”

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