Mothers Prayer for her Child!

Lord God, You chose our Daughter/son for us and we thank You for the gift she/he is to us. I thank you for filling my child with numerous gifts, talents, and abilities. We bless him/her and ask that You fill her/his with whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, having virtue. Bless my child to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I request you to keep evil company away from our child.

I pray that You build in our daughters/son life the spirit of excellence, that she/he hunger, for knowledge and truth. Keep all lies away from our daughter/son. When my child goes to sleep, protect her/him from bad dreams and place your guardian angel over my child to keep her/him safe .

You help us to set a high-standard in his/ her heart, and help us live that example. Develop a sharp mind in our son/daughter. Keep depression and hopelessness away from our child. I ask for good friends for her/his life, that she/he may feel accepted and influenced by good Children. Dear God, whenever my child face trial, trouble, or fear, let them naturally turn to you for guidance and strength.

We ask Father that you would fill her/his life with good relationships, first with you Lord. Help him/ her to seek after Godly things. Help us to provide a Best Education for him / her. I ask Father that you would fill his/ her life with good relationships, first with you Lord. Lord Jesus Bless our child to be obedient and respectful towards you and towards us who are her/his parents. Lord Jesus bless us to discipline and train our daughter/son in righteousness. Protect my daughters/sons mind from pride, lust, jealousy. Guide me as her/his mother to also keep my mind on everything that is Godly. Bless my child to cherish and protect your creation. May our child always be honorable in action, sincere in words, and gentle in their treatment of others.

Bless my husband to be a godly husband and a godly father for our child. Strengthen me so that my words would encourage my family and comfort from my lips would bring them relief. Set a guard over my mouth as well as my husband’s mouth and give us a gentle answer that turns away wrath.

The world is a dangerous place in many ways. I pray for physical, spiritual and emotional protection for our child. I want so badly for my child to trust you with ALL her/his heart and grow in godliness. I want her/him to be passionate about you. I pray that she/he will not lean on her/his understanding but will acknowledge you in all her/his ways. We ask your blessing on him/her life by causing Godly people to positively influence her/his life at the crossroads she/he will face.

I pray that our daughter/son marry the right partner, that compliments Your vision. Keep her /him away from any kind of enemies involvement in her/his life.

Protect her/him from the wicked ways that may strayhim/ her from you and bring her/him back when she/he do stray away. Lord Jesus bless my daughter/son to please you instead of pleasing the people. I submit my child to your love care and protection and that You never fail me. I affirm my child is safe in Your Arms, now and forever. Amen

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