ONE PARAGRAPH: What Is Christianity Religion, About, Beliefs, Based On?

blue-green-3d-white-cross-150x117ONE PARAGRAPH: What Is Christianity Religion, About, Beliefs, Based On?Yeshua Jesus Christ, the Biblical Messiah, proclaimed that he is the only God, and proved it by speaking things and doing things that only God could do, such as walking on water, instantly calming a brutal storm, instantly healing people all around of anything whatsoever: even commanding them to come back to life from death. He also proved himself God by being the exact fulfillment of all the Old Testament prophecies that were given to the people (from God for thousands of years) of the coming Messiah KING who would save the world. God also has and gave to us various laws and commandments that we are to obey. Willfully and unwillingly, known and unknown, everyone through time has broken the various laws in various ways. The scriptures say that “the wages of sin is death” (roman 6:23), “a soul that sinneth, it shall die” (Ezekiel 18), and Jesus said “for if ye believe not that I Am he [GOD], ye shall die in your sins.” (John 8:24). Jesus Christ, as God mixed himself with flesh, becoming part man, is the only man who committed absolutely no sins and broke none of his own laws in anyway. He commanded that all of the sins of the world be put upon himself, he took them, and was condemned, tortured, brutally beat, nailed to a cross and killed to death with those sins upon him. THEREFORE FULFILLING THE DEATH SENTENCE FOR SIN. He then brought himself back to life by his own power, thus again proving himself to be God, and giving an example of how Salvation (getting saved by Jesus Christ) can transform a dead person into a live person, free from sin and condemnation.

Jesus Christ promised to send the Holy Spirit (the 3rd part of the Christian God) to his people. He gave exact account on what it would do, and how it would help, and how it would come. These promises have been fulfilled in countless Christians lives for some 2,000 years – ever since Jesus ascended into Heaven. Jesus Christ gave many prophecies about what would happen in the End Times before he returned again. Many of those prophecies have already been fulfilled as truth, and the rest will soon. TRUTH: Anyone who makes the sin exchange with Jesus Christ, and becomes save, baptized in his Holy Spirit that he said he would give, change their lives into Biblical Christian lives, following God’s laws… will be saved!

This is not “myth”, “fable”, “tales” or simply “belief”. This is real, historical, proven information. In Jerusalem, the Holy Land: they still know where Jesus walked and visited (the places he taught and performed miracles, his temporary tomb, where he ascended into Heaven from, etc..) they can take you there. In Paris France, a church has the Crown of Thorns that was put onto Jesus’ head in mockery. All around the world, small pieces of the cross he was nailed to circulate. The shroud (the cloth that his temporarily dead body was wrapped in) is well know to have his image mysteriously singed onto it from when he brought himself back to life. They have this cloth. He is real, he is historical, he is the truth, and if you accept him, he can change your life exactly how the Holy Bible scriptures says he can. Countless people throughout history give testimony witness of this fact, and so do we.

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