Is It Possible to Survive Your Breakup And Not Feel Lonely? Absolutely!

Do you know that the main reasons individuals have trouble with relationship breakups is because they interpret such events as rejection, abandonment, being unlovable, unwanted, inadequate, worthless, unattractive, and as the harbinger of perpetual loneliness?Do you know that all of these “assumptions” are simply figments of one’s imagination? Do you know that such interpretations, like bad hypnotic suggestions, can be rapidly and effortlessly erased from the conscious mind thereby permanently freeing one of the agony and emotional pain associated with the breakup itself?Finally do you know that this can be accomplished not in a period of 6 months, or 1 month, or even 1 week, but in a matter of hours so that you can leave the past behind permanently and begin to confidently move on with your life? Sound hard to believe? Well if you want to learn more kindly read on.

Imagine, for a moment, that one could permanently erase/delete the memory of past unfulfilling/unsatisfying/unrewarding relationships quickly, effortlessly and most importantly feel “as if” they never happened, can you conceive what this might mean in terms of your ability to save time and emotional energy in your pursuit of happiness and fulfillment?

A decade ago it was discovered that negative memories of “any” negative event could effectively be completely, permanently and easily erased from the conscious and subconscious minds much like an old unwanted file is deleted from the hard drive of a computer.

With this discovery an entirely new era of human consciousness, awareness, enlightenment and empowerment was ushered in. Why is that, you ask?

Well, it turns out that the main reason individuals feel stuck and unable to fully know and express their full innate potential as the empowered human beings they were meant to be is because they feel interminably constrained and limited by what they refer to as their life history i.e. their past.

When a person experiences a failed relationship the memory of that event becomes immediately stored within the mind. While there it has many negative inescapable consequences i.e. it leaves one feeling alone, unlovable, weak, inadequate, unworthy, betrayed, vulnerable, insecure, unsure of themselves, unattractive, afraid to venture out, impairs self worth and self confidence, makes one feel depressed and hopeless and much more.

Such feelings remain firmly anchored in the mind/body/heart and leave one isolated and unable to fully present themselves authentically to a new and more promising relationship.

Sadly, this means that most individuals wind up living lives of quiet desperation largely because they remain prisoners of their disappointed past. What is not well known is that such negative memories can now be truly deleted in such a way as to leave the individual feeling like they never actually happened.

Is this an illusion, you ask? Absolutely not!

The experience I am describing is so beyond normal, so called, human experience that it would be impossible for me to describe how this could be.

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