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300+ Questions About The Lord’s Prayer.

Close your eyes and start the quiz with the Lord’s Prayer! Spread happiness and knowledge around you.

  1. Where In The Bible Can You Find The Lord’s Prayer?
    A: Gospels of Matthew and Luke
  2. Who Taught The Lord’s Prayer?
    A: Jesus
  3. How Many Requests Are In The Lord’s Prayer?
    A: Seven
  4. What Is The 1st Petition?
    A: Hallowed be thy name
  5. What Is The 2nd Petition?
    A: Your kingdom come
  6. What Is The 3rd Petition?
    A: Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven
  7. What Is The 4th Petition?
    A: Give us our daily bread
  8. What Is The 5th Petition?
    A: Forgive our debts
  9. What Is The 6th Petition?
    A: Do not lead us into temptation
  10. What Is The 7th Petition?
    A: Deliver us from evil
    11. True Or False: The More Words We Say, The Better Our Prayers.
    A: False – Jesus said, ”Your Father already knows what you need before you ask him.”

Questions About The Bible

Did you know the word “Bible” is derived from Ancient Greek and means “Book”? The Holy Bible teaches us the values of life and the teachings of Christ. Let’s test your knowledge about the Bible, which is a collection of many small books.

  1. Which New Testament (NT) Book Has Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount?

A: Matthew

  1. True Or False: The Bible Was Originally Written In English?

A: False

  1. In What Language Was Most Books Of The Old Testament (OT) Written?

A: Hebrew

  1. In What Language Was Most Of The New Testament Written?

A: Greek

  1. Who Wrote The Most Number Of Books In The Bible?

A: Paul – he wrote 13 books.

  1. Who Wrote The Most Number Of Words In The Bible?

A: Moses – he wrote 125,139 words.

  1. What Was Most Likely The First Gospel Written?

A: Mark

  1. What Was Most Likely The Last Gospel Written?

A: John

  1. What Was Most Likely The Last New Testament Book Written?

A: The Book of Revelation

  1. True Or False: The Bible Is The Most Popular Book Ever Written (By Copies Sold).

A: True

  1. What Is The First Book In The Bible?

A: Genesis

  1. What Is The Last Book In The Bible?

A: The Book of Revelation

  1. Which Four Books Of The Bible Tell About Jesus’ Life On Earth?

A: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

  1. Which Book Did Jesus Directly Write?

A: None

  1. What Is The Longest Book In The Bible?

A: Psalms

  1. True Or False: David Wrote The Entire Book Of Psalms.

False: The Psalms is a collection of songs by many writers, but David contributed the most.

  1. What Is The Shortest Book In The Bible?

A: 3 John

  1. How Many Books Does The Bible Have?

A: 66

  1. How Many Books Does The Old Testament Have?

A: 39

  1. How Many Books Does The New Testament Have?

A: 27

Questions About The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit?

Recall your memory. Do you know about the nine attributes of a person mentioned in the Bible? Get to know more below.

  1. Where In The Bible Is The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit Mentioned?

A: Galatians 5, Verses 22 and 23

  1. Who Wrote The Galatians?

A: Paul

  1. True Or False: Bananas Are A Fruit Of The Spirit?

A: False – Bananas are a gift from God but not considered spiritual fruit in Galatians 5.

  1. Name The Nine Fruits Of The Spirit.

A: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

  1. True Or False: The Opposite Of The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Called “The Works Of The Flesh.”

A: True

Questions From Genesis

Have you heard the story of Adam and Eve? It’s given in the Book of Genesis. The Book of Genesis is the first book of the Bible. Genesis means the beginning or origin.

  1. How Did God Scatter People Across The Earth?

A: God confused their languages.

  1. Who Did God Call Out Of Ur To Move To Canaan?

A: Abram (Abraham)

  1. Who Was Abraham’s Wife?

A: Sarai (Sarah)

  1. Even Though Abraham And Sarah Were Too Old, What Did God Promise Them?

A: A son

  1. When God Showed Abraham The Stars In The Sky, What Did He Promise?

A: That Abraham would have as many descendants as the number of stars

  1. Who Was Abraham’s Second Wife?

A: Hagar

  1. What Was Sarah’s Idea For Abraham To Have A Child?

A: For Abraham to have a child with Hagar

  1. Who Was The First Son Of Abraham?

A: Ishmael

  1. Who Was The Second Son Of Abraham?

A: Isaac

  1. What Did Abraham Sacrifice In The Bible?

A: A ram

  1. Where Did Hagar And Her Son Leave Too?

A: The Desert of Bersheeba

  1. How Many Days Did God Take To Create The World?

A: Six days

  1. On Which Day Did God Create Humankind?

A: Sixth day

  1. Who Was The First Man?

A: Adam

  1. Who Was The First Woman?

A: Eve

  1. Where Did Adam And Eve Live In The Beginning?

A: The Garden of Eden

  1. Who Were The Three Sons Of Adam And Even?

A: Cain, Abel, and Seth

  1. Who Did God Tell To Build An Ark?

A: Noah

  1. Who Were Noah’s Three Sons?

A: Shem, Ham, Japheth

  1. How Many Days And Nights Did It Rain When Noah Was On The Ark?

A: 40 days and 40 nights

  1. How Many People Were Saved On The Ark?

A: Eight

  1. What Was God’s Sign To Noah That He Would Never Destroy The Earth Again?

A: He sent a rainbow

  1. What Were Men Trying To Do By Building The Tower Of Babel?

A: Reach heaven

  1. Who Did Abraham Send To Find Isaac A Wife?

A: His oldest servant

  1. Who Did The Servant Choose?

A: Rebekah

  1. What Were The Names Of Isaac’s Sons?

A: Jacob and Esau

  1. Who Was Born First, Jacob Or Esau?

A: Esau was born first, with Jacob grabbing his heel.

  1. How Did Esau Provide Food For The Family?

A: He hunted.

  1. Who Did Isaac Favor Of His Two Sons?

A: Esau

  1. What Did Jacob Do Most Of The Time?

A: Stayed at home

  1. What Did Esau Receive In Exchange For His Birthright?

A: A bowl of stew.

  1. Who Suggested That Jacob Steal His Father’s Blessing From Esau?

A: Rebekah

  1. How Did Esau Respond When His Birthright Was Taken?

A: Threatened to kill Jacob

  1. When Jacob Met Laban, Which Daughter Did He Want To Marry?

A: Rachel

  1. Who Did Laban Trick Jacob Into Marrying?

A: Leah

  1. Who Was The First Son Jacob Had With Rachel?

A: Joseph

  1. Who Was Jacob’s Second Son With Rachel?

A: Benjamin

  1. How Many Brothers Did Joseph Have?

A: 12

  1. What Did Jacob Give Joseph That Sparked Jealousy From His Siblings?

A: A coat of many colors

  1. What Did Joseph Tell His Brothers About His Dreams That Upset Them?

A: The dreams said he would become great and rule over them.

  1. How Did The Brothers Get Rid Of Joseph?

A: Sold him to slave traders

  1. What Did Joseph’s Brothers Tell Their Father?

A: They said Joseph was killed by a wild animal.

  1. Where Did The Slave Traders Take Joseph?

A: Egypt

  1. Who Bought Joseph?

A: Potiphar, captain of the Pharaoh’s guards

  1. Who Got Joseph Thrown Into Prison By Lying About Him?

A: Potiphar’s wife

  1. Who Were In Prison With Joseph?

A: The Pharaoh’s cupbearer and chief baker

  1. What Was Joseph Good At?

A: Interpreting dreams

  1. Why Was Joseph Summoned Out Of Prison By The Pharaoh?

A: To interpret his dream

  1. What Position Of Power Did The Pharaoh Give Joseph?

A: Second in command of Egypt

  1. How Did Joseph Interpret The Pharaoh’s Dream?

A: That there would be seven years of abundance, followed by seven years of severe famine

  1. Who Failed To Recognize Joseph?

A: His brothers

  1. Which Brother Volunteered To Stay In Egypt Instead Of Benjamin?

A: Judah

  1. What Did Joseph Tell His Brothers To Do When They Returned To Canaan?

A: Bring their families and their father to Egypt.

  1. What Did Laban Make Jacob Do To Finally Marry Rachel?

A: Work another seven years for him

Questions About The Exodus And Early History Of Isreal

Test your children’s knowledge about the facts related to the Exodus and the early history of Israel.

  1. How Did Baby Moses’ Mother Save Him From The Egyptian Soldiers?

A: Put him in a basket by the river

  1. What Did Moses Do After He Killed An Egyptian?

A: Fled into the desert

  1. Through What Did God Speak To Moses In The Desert?

A: A burning bush

  1. What Did His Staff Turn Into When Moses Threw It On The Ground?

A: A snake

  1. What Did Moses Say God Commanded The Pharaoh To Do?

A: Free the Israelites

  1. How Many Plagues Did God Send To Egypt?

A: 10

  1. During The Final Plague, What Was The Sign That Convinced Pharaoh To Let The Israelites Go?

A: The firstborn son of all Egyptian families died.

  1. On What Condition Did Pharaoh Let The Israelites Go?

A: That they let their sheep and cattle remain

  1. When Pharaoh Changed His Mind And Sent His Army After The Israelites, Where Did They Meet?

A: By the Red Sea

  1. What Did God Do Through Moses To Save The Israelites?

A: Parted the Red Sea

  1. When The Egyptians Tried To Follow The Israelites Through The Red Sea, What Happened?

A: The water crashed on them and killed them.

  1. What Did God Send To Feed The Israelites In The Desert?

A: Quail and manna

  1. Where Did God Give Moses The Ten Commandments?

A: Mount Sinai

  1. What Golden Image Did The Israelites Make At Mt. Sinai?

A: A golden calf

  1. What Did The Spies Sent Into Canaan See That Made Them Scared?

A: Fortified cities and giants in the land

  1. Who Were The Only Two Israelites Allowed To Go Into The Promised Land After Many Years?

A: Joshua and Caleb

  1. In What City Did God Make The Walls Fall So Joshua And The Israelites Could Conquer It?

A: Jericho

  1. After The Israelites Took Over The Promised Land And Joshua Died, Who Ruled Israel?

A: Judges

  1. Who Was The Woman Judge Who Led Israel To Victory?

A: Deborah

  1. Who Was The Judge Who Defeated The Midianites With Only 300 Men?

A: Gideon

  1. Who Was The Judge Who Took A Nazarite Vow From Birth And Fought Against The Philistines?

A: Samson

  1. With What Did Samson Kill 1,000 Philistines?

A: A donkey’s jawbone

  1. Which Philistine Woman Asked Samson Where His Power Came From?

A: Delilah

  1. How Did Samson Die?

A: He brought down the temple, killing himself and many Philistines.

  1. What Did David Work As For His Father?

A: A shepherd

  1. When The Philistines Came To Attack The Israelites, Who Mocked God And Challenged Them?

A: Goliath, the giant

  1. When David Wanted To Fight Goliath, What Did Saul Try To Give Him?

A: His armor

  1. What Did David Take From The Brook To Fight Goliath?

A: Five stones

  1. How Many Stones Did It Take David To Kill Goliath?

A: One

  1. Name Saul’s Son Who Was A Friend Of David?

A: Jonathan

  1. What Did Saul Throw To Try To Kill David?

A: A spear

  1. What Did Jonathan Do To Save David’s Life From Saul?

A: Warned him that Saul was making a second attempt to kill him

  1. What Foreign Country Did David Run Away To?

A: Land of the Philistines/Philistia

  1. Did Saul Give Up Chasing David When David Went Into The Wilderness?

A: No

  1. Who Was The First King Of Israel?

A: Saul

  1. Who Anointed Saul As King?

A: Samuel

  1. Who Stole The Ark Of The Covenant?

A: The Philistines

  1. What Happened To The Idol That Was Beside The Ark In The Enemy’s Temple?

A: The idol fell over and broke.

  1. When The People Demanded Saul Make A Sacrifice To God That Only Priests Were Allowed To Make, What Did He Do?

A: He made the sacrifice anyway.

  1. When Saul Conquered The Amalekites, Who Did He Keep As A Prisoner Instead Of Killing Him As God Told Him To?

A: The king, Agag

  1. How Many Times Did David Spare Saul’s Life?

A: Twice

  1. What Was Saul’s Punishment For Disobeying God?

A: God took his kingdom away.

  1. Name The King Of Israel Anointed By Samuel After Saul.

A: David

  1. Where Did David Spare Saul’s Life The First Time?

A: In a cave

  1. Where Did David Spare Saul’s Life The Second Time?

A: In the camp where Saul was sleeping

  1. What Gifts Did Jonathan Give To David As A Sign Of His Friendship?
  2. His own fighting gear, including his bow
  3. Who Did Saul Turn To For Advice After The Death Of Samuel?

A: The witch of Endor

  1. How Did Saul Die?

A: He took his own sword and fell on it.

  1. How Many Of Saul’s Sons Died In The Same Battle?

A: All three sons

  1. Did All Of Israel Immediately Consider David Their King?

A: No

  1. Who Was The Captain Of David’s Army?

A: Joab

  1. Which Books Of The Bible Record David’s Time As King?

A: 1st and 2nd Samuel

  1. Who Wrote Most Of The Psalms In The Bible?

A: David

  1. Name David’s Son Who Became King.

A: Solomon

  1. What Did Solomon Ask From God?

A: Wisdom

  1. What Did Solomon Build For The Lord?

A: A temple

  1. Which Famous Queen Visited Solomon And Learned From Him For Six Months?

A: Queen of Sheba

  1. How Many Wives Did Solomon Have?

A: 700

  1. Did Solomon Always Follow The Lord?

A: No, he disobeyed God in his old age.

  1. Who Convinced Solomon To Turn Away From God?

A: His wives

  1. What Happened To The Kingdom After Solomon’s Rule?

A: It split into two.

  1. Who Was Bathsheba’s Husband?

A: Uriah

  1. When Bathsheba Got Pregnant, What Did David Do To Uriah?

A: David ensured Uriah was killed in battle.

  1. Which Prophet Rebuked David?

A: Nathan

  1. What Happened To Bathsheba’s Child?

A: The child died.

  1. When Bathsheba Had Another Child, What Did They Name Him?

A: Solomon

  1. Who Was David’s Son Who Started A Rebellion Against Him?

A: Absalom

  1. What Capital City Did David Abandon As Absalom Came Towards It?

A: Jerusalem

  1. When The Two Armies Battled, What Happened To Absalom’s Hair?

A: It got caught in a tree.

  1. Who Killed Absalom?

A: Joab

  1. What Was Joab’s Punishment For Killing Absolem?

A: He was no longer made the captain of David’s army.

  1. What Was David’s Second Sin?

A: He took a census of the people in his nation.

  1. During His Time As King, Who Were David’s Main Enemies?

A: The Philistines

  1. Which Books Of The Bible Did Solomon Write?

A: Song of Solomon, Proverbs, and some Psalms

  1. Who Conquered Judah And Took Daniel To Their Country?

A: Babylonians

  1. Whose Dream Did Daniel Interpret In Babylon?

A: King Nebuchadnezzar

  1. When Daniel Prayed To God After Praying Was Banned, Where Was He Thrown Into?

A: A lion’s den

  1. What Were The Names Of Daniel’s Three Babylonian Friends?

A: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

  1. When They Refused To Bow To An Idol, Where Were The Three Friends Of Daniel Thrown Into?

A: Into a fiery furnace

  1. Who Returned To Israel To Rebuild The Walls Of Jerusalem?

A: Nehemiah

  1. Which Israelite Saved Her People From Being Murdered And Was The Wife Of The Persian King Ahasuerus?

A: Esther

  1. What Daring Thing Did Esther Do To Talk With The King?

A: She went in to talk without being summoned first.

Questions About The Life Of Jesus

Here are some interesting questions about the life of Jesus. Tell your children interesting stories about the Lord and quiz them using these questions.

  1. Who Was The Mother Of Jesus?

A: Mary

  1. Who Was The Adoptive Father Of Jesus On Earth?

A: Joseph

  1. Who Is The Real Father Of Jesus?

A: God the Holy Spirit

  1. Name The City Where Jesus Was Born?

A: Bethlehem

  1. Where Did Mary And Joseph Go With Jesus When Herod Wanted To Kill The Baby?

A: Egypt

  1. True Or False: Because Jesus Was God, He Didn’t Obey His Parents.

A: False – Jesus obeyed his parents.

  1. True Or False: Jesus Was An Only Child.

A: False – Jesus had brothers and sister

  1. How Many Of Jesus’ Brothers Are Named In The Bible?

A: Four

  1. How Many Of Jesus’ Sisters Are Named In The Bible?

A: None

  1. What Are The Names Of Jesus’ Brothers?

A: James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas

  1. True Or False: Jesus Came From The Lineage Of David?

A: True

  1. Who Recognized Jesus As The Messiah When He Was Presented At The Temple As A Baby?
  2. Simeon and Hannah
  3. Who Was Jesus’ Most Famous Cousin?

A: John the Baptist

  1. True Or False: John The Baptist Wore Clothes Made Of Goat Hair?

A: False – they were made of camel’s hair

  1. Who Baptized Jesus?

A: John the Baptist

  1. Who Spoke From The Sky When Jesus Was Baptized?

A: God

  1. What Did God Say After Jesus Was Baptized?

A: That he was well-pleased with his son.

  1. Why Did The Spirit Lead Jesus Into The Wilderness?

A: To be tempted by Satan

  1. Before Jesus Starting Preaching, What Was His Regular Job?

A: Carpenter

  1. Name The Hometown Of Jesus.

A: Nazareth

  1. True Or False: Jesus Turned Water Into Milk?

A: False — Jesus turned water into wine.

  1. What Is The Name Of The Village Where Christ Turned Water Into Wine?

A: Cana of Galilee

  1. Besides Preaching, Name The Activities Jesus Did While Traveling In Galilee.

A: Healing the sick and casting out demons

  1. True Or False: Jesus Stayed Away From People With Bad Reputations?

A: False – He often ate with “sinners.”

  1. Name The Place Where Jesus Walked On Water?

A: Sea of Galilee

  1. True Or False: At First, Jesus’ Family Tried To Stop His Ministry And Said He Was Crazy.

A: True

  1. According To The Gospel Of Matthew, Where Did Jesus Give His First Public Sermon?
  2. On the Mount
  3. True Or False: Jesus Said His True Family Was Anyone Who Obeyed God.

A: True

  1. True Or False: Everywhere He Went People Loved Jesus And Believed His Message?

A: False – Jesus was rejected many times.

  1. Which Pharisee Came To Ask Jesus Questions At Night?

A: Nicodemus

  1. True Or False: Jesus Didn’t Like People Who Worshiped God The Wrong Way?

A: False – Jesus welcomed all to follow him.

  1. How Many Disciples Did Jesus Choose?

A: 12

  1. What Was Matthew’s Profession Before He Followed Jesus?

A: A tax collector

  1. True Or False: Jesus Used “Spittle” To Heal People.

A: True – There are three instances where the Bible describes him healing the sick using spittle.

  1. What Is The Shortest Verse In The Bible?

A: John 11, Verse 35 (Jesus wept).

  1. Why Did Jesus Weep In That Verse?

A: Because his friend Lazarus died.

  1. For How Many Days Was Lazarus Dead Before Jesus Came To Visit?

A: Four days

  1. What Are The Two Things That Jesus Did To Bring Lazarus Back To Life?

A: He prayed and then told Lazarus to come out.

  1. Who Helped Pay The Bills For The Ministry Of Jesus And His Disciples?

A: Several women who Jesus healed

  1. Name The Demon Jesus Cast Out In The Region Of The Gerasenes?

A: Legion

  1. True Or False: While On Earth, Jesus Had The Power To Raise Dead People Back To Life?

A: True – There are several examples.

  1. How Many Loaves Of Bread And Fish Did Jesus Use To Feed Over 5,000 People?

A: Five loaves of bread and two fish (He multiplied them)

  1. What Were Peter And Andrew Doing When Jesus Called Them To Follow Him?

A: Fishing

  1. Name The Two People From The Old Testament Who Appeared When Jesus Was Transfigured?

A: Elijah and Moses

  1. True Or False: Jesus Asked Children Not To Disturb Him When He Was Teaching Important Things To Grown-Ups.

A: False – Jesus welcomed children.

  1. What Problem Did Bartimaeus Have That Jesus Fixed?

A: He was blind.

  1. Who Did Jesus Drive Out Of The Temple?

A: Merchants and money changers

  1. How Many Of The Ten Lepers Who Jesus Healed Return To Thank Him?

A: Just one

  1. What Did Jesus Do To His Disciples At The Last Supper?

A: Washed their feet

  1. True Or False: Jesus Said Only Big Money Offerings Were Important To God.

False – The story of the poor widow’s offering proves that this is false.

  1. What Did Mary Magdalene Pour On Jesus’ Feet At The Home Of Simon The Leper?

A: Expensive perfume

  1. Name The Disciple Who Betrayed Jesus.

A: Judas Iscariot

  1. What Garden Did Jesus Go To After The Last Supper?

A: Garden of Gethsemane

  1. True Or False: The Jewish Leaders Tried To Set Jesus Free.

A: False – They lobbied for his crucifixion

  1. Who Put A Crown Made Of Thorns On Jesus’ Head?

A: The Roman soldiers

  1. Name The Roman Governor Who Presided Over The Trial Of Jesus?

A: Pontius Pilate

  1. What Did Pilate Do To “Cleanse Himself” Of Guilt After The Trial?

A: Washed his hands

  1. Which Disciple Cut Off A Soldier’s Ear?

A: Peter

  1. True Or False: Jesus Didn’t Know That He Would Be Arrested And Killed In Jerusalem.

A: False – He knew and told his disciples before it happened.

  1. Which Disciple Denied Jesus Three Times?

A: Peter

  1. What Happened To The Temple Curtain When Jesus Was Killed?

A: It was ripped from top to bottom

  1. Who Was The High Priest Of Jerusalem Who Put Jesus On Trial?
  2. Joseph Caiaphas
  3. Who Asked Pilate For Jesus’ Body After He Was Crucified?
  4. Joseph of Arimathea
  5. What Happened After Jesus Was Buried In The Tomb?

A: He rose again on the third day.

  1. What Was Rolled Away From The Entrance Of The Tomb?

A: A large stone

  1. What Day Of The Week Did Jesus Rise Back To Life?

A: Sunday – the first day of the week

  1. After How Many Days Did Jesus Return To Heaven?

A: 40 days

  1. How Did Jesus Leave Earth And Go To Heaven?

A: He rose into the clouds

  1. How Many People Saw Jesus After He Rose From The Dead?

A: More than 500 (Cor 15: 3–8)

Questions From The Acts Of The Apostles

The apostles are the disciples of Jesus and new followers who spread the teachings of Christ far and wide after Jesus ascended into heaven. Let’s learn more about them in this section.

  1. What Was The Other Name Of Apostle Paul?

A: Saul of Tarsus

  1. Who Was The First Christian To Die For His Faith?

A: Saint Stephen

  1. How Many Books Have The Name John In Them?

A: Four (John, 1 John, 2, John, 3 John)

  1. Who Preached At Pentecost?

A: Peter

  1. What Amazing Miracle Happened When The Spirit Appeared On The Day Of Pentecost?

A: Everybody heard the message in their own language.

  1. What Did Saul Do Before He Became An Apostle?

A: He persecuted Christians.

  1. What Happened When Saul Was On The Road To Damascus To Persecute Christians?

A: He was struck by a bright light, and Jesus spoke to him.

  1. What Was Saul’s Name Changed To?

A: Paul

  1. Which Apostle Was Exiled To An Island By The Roman Emperor Titus Flavius Domitianus?

A: John

  1. Which Apostle Was Crucified Upside Down?

A: Peter

  1. True Or False: Ananias And Sapphira Died After Lying To The Holy Spirit About Their Offering.

A: True

  1. How Many Deacons Were Chosen To Help The Apostles Distribute Food To Widows?

A: Seven

  1. Who Took The Gospel To The City Of Samaria?

A: Philip the Evangelist

  1. Who Shared The Gospel With An Ethiopian Official On The Road To Gaza?

A: Philip the Evangelist

  1. True Or False: Peter Raised A Woman Named Dorcas From The Dead.

A: True

  1. Where Did Peter Stay During His Ministry In The City Of Joppa?

A: In the house of Simon, the tanner

  1. In What City Were Jesus’ Followers First-Called “Christians?”

A: Antioch

  1. True Or False: Peter Was Rescued From Prison By An Angel.

A: True

  1. Who Accompanied Paul On His Early Mission Trips?

A: Barnabas

  1. True Or False: Paul Had A Vision Of A Man Calling Him To Come Over To Carthage.

False – It was a man from Macedonia.

  1. True Or False: God Sent An Earthquake To Rescue Paul And Silas From Prison In Philippi.

A: True

  1. What Did The Philippian Jailer Say To Paul After He Heard The Gospel?

A: “What must I do to be saved?”

  1. How Did Paul And Silas Respond To The Jailer?

A: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.”

Questions About The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are laws that God has revealed to us. They tell us how to serve God and how to live with each other. Check how much your children know about the Ten Commandments.

  1. Where Can You Find The Ten Commandments In The Bible?

A: Exodus 20, Verses 2-17 and Deuteronomy 5, Verses 6-17

  1. Name The Person Who Received The Ten Commandments From God?

A: Moses

  1. Why Did Moses Smash The Tablets?

A: Because the Israelites worshipped a golden calf.

  1. On Which Mountain Did God Give Moses The Ten Commandments?

A: Mount Sinai

  1. What Is The First Commandment?

A: I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me.

  1. What Is The Second Commandment?

A: You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

  1. What Is The Third Commandment?

A: Remember to keep the Lord’s day (Sunday) holy.

  1. What Is The Fourth Commandment?

A: Honor your father and your mother.

  1. What Is The Fifth Commandment?

A: You shall not kill.

  1. What Is The Sixth Commandment?

A: You shall not commit adultery.

  1. What Is The Seventh Commandment?

A: You shall not steal.

  1. What Is The Eighth Commandment?

A: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

  1. What Is The Ninth Commandment?

A: You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.

  1. What Is The Tenth Commandment?

A: You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods

  1. True Or False: Jesus Said The OT Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

A: False

Interesting Bible Questions For Kids

Here are some interesting Bible questions from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

  1. For How Many Days And Nights Did Jonah Stay In The Belly Of The Whale?

A: Three days and three nights

  1. Who Prophesized The Coming Of Jesus Beforehand?

A: John the Baptist

  1. What Does “Eve” Mean?

A: Mother of all living

  1. What Animal Was Often Used For Transportation In The Bible?

Camel or donkey

  1. Jesus Told A Parable About A Prodigal _____.
  2. Son
  3. What Is The Festival That Christians Celebrate To Commemorate The Resurrection Of Christ?
  4. Easter
  5. What Type Of Insect Did John The Baptist Eat In The Desert?
  6. Locust
  7. What Is Another Name For The Sermon On The Mount?
  8. The beatitudes
  9. According To The Beatitudes, Who Will Be Called Children Of God?

A: The peacemakers

  1. Which Gospel Was Written By A Doctor?

A: Luke

  1. What Was The First Thing That God Created?
  2. Light
  3. What Are The Seven Deadly Sins?
  4. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.
  5. For How Many Pieces Of Silver Did Judas Betray Jesus?
  6. 30
  7. Which Angel Appeared To Mary?
  8. Angel Gabriel
  9. What Did The Three Wise Kings Offer Baby Jesus?
  10. Gold, incense, and myrrh
  11. What Guided The Three Wise Kings To Baby Jesus?
  12. Star
  13. Which Creature Tricked Eve Into Eating The Forbidden Fruit?
  14. Serpent
  15. Who Murdered Abel?
  16. His brother Cain
  17. How Did God Punish Cain?
  18. Condemned him to a life of wandering
  19. How Did Moses Make The Bitter Waters Of Marah Drinkable?
  20. He threw a piece of wood into the water
  21. At The Age Of 12, Jesus Was Left Behind In Jerusalem. Where Did His Parents Find Him?
  22. In the temple
  23. In The Parable Of The Sower, What Happened To The Seeds That Fell By The Way Side?
  24. They were eaten by birds.
  25. In The Parable Of The Good Samaritan, Who Was The Second Man To Pass By The Robbed Man?
  26. A Levite, a priest’s assistant
  27. Which Is The Longest Word In The Bible?
  28. Maher-shalal-hash-baz

Teaching children about God is a great first step in making them better individuals. You could make learning about God fun with these 300+ Bible questions for kids and hold a quiz to pique their interest in the teachings of Christ.


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