Relationship Breakup – Learning to Love Again

How-to-Break-Up-150x150After a relationship break down the painful event remains stored in each partner as a memory that has embedded within it energy that hinders one’s ability to return to a new relationship easily or at all. For many this outcome feels severely limiting. Did you know that such an outcome is not only “not” normal it is also completely unnecessary! Let me explain.Human beings on this planet are so used to believing that negative memories are inherently part of their past, that they teach them positive lessons about life, that they make them wiser and more mature, that they make up who they are and so on that they accumulate them and collectively refer to them as “emotional baggage”.Well what does one do when they see someone else with a lot of emotional baggage coming in their direction? Well they run!

So what’s the point of this discussion? Clearly it’s to make evident the inherent ambivalence we all feel about these negatively stored memories. Many feel cursed by negative events that occurred to them, many of which they likely had little or no control over, and feel restricted and constricted in the course their lives have taken. Frustration, anger, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness often lead to behaviors of “game playing” or lying to others about themselves simply to try and level the playing field.

All of this however serves only to further undermine one’s integrity and relationship potential!

What if you could simply erase those memories?

What if you could feel like they actually never happened to you?

What if you could erase them in such a way that you feel like they never happened to anyone else either? (This idea will take a bit of reflection to appreciate)

Is any of this possible? What, if any, would the consequences be to that individual, to who they believed they were, to their conceptual view of their reality, to their life and so on?

Well this “is” the new frontier. The new frontier that affords one the choice of re-creating their life, but now from a place of choice rather than through feeling like a victim who has no or little control over what takes place. Doesn’t that feel empowering?

As a memory is erased via a simple process significant events occur that can only be summarized as the reclaiming of one’s Life Force Energy into one’s physical body and the re-emergence of true powerful loving feelings that thereby make one feel alive, invigorated, self confident, strong, self esteem, resilient, attractive, centered, grounded, happy, joyful, relieved, alive, uplifted, radiant, peaceful, calm, relaxed, energized and fully capable of engaging a new and loving relationship in ways that in the past could not even be imagined.

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