Why Do Most Relationships Fail?

941538_525095417550615_2075553540_n-150x150Why do most relationships fail? Is it because of a fear of commitment, a fear of being honest, a fear of intimacy, the result of co-dependent neediness, etc.? Well would you be surprised that many of these are only the surface veneer to a much deeper problem that each individual presents with when they consider starting a relationship; a problem that few ever become conscious of?So what is that problem?Well have you ever wondered why it is that so many, perhaps all, individuals have a need to be in a relationship? Well the main reason is that at the fundamental core of most human beings, in their current state of evolvement (and this is a key point), they live with a deep feeling of emptiness (some feel this as an inner void) that they strive on a daily basis to fill with one thing or another. They try to fill (or fill it full in order to feel fulfilled) it with their work, their hobbies, food, drink, drugs, travel, monetary wealth, sex and yes relationships.

The problem with this scenario is that no one has ever stopped to consider whether a) they really understand the nature or source of this inner emptiness and b) whether those things they are trying to fill it with are actually doing the job.

If I say to you that a) it is not normal for human beings to have this feeling of emptiness inside, b) that it is the result of feeling depleted of “life force energy” and c) that the only thing that will truly fulfill that emptiness is the restoration of that “life force energy” into that body how does that make you feel in your Heart?

If you feel a resonance with what was just said then simply place one hand over your Heart (this is no joke; try it and you’ll have an interesting experience) and simply affirm to yourself, as if you are speaking from there, that this resonates with you. Now notice how you feel there.

You may begin to feel more whole, present, complete, peaceful, warm, solid, and alive and so on. This is the experience of being fulfilled, fully present, and absent of need. This is what it feels like to be your Authentic Self. So isn’t this how you’d rather feel as you enter a relationship? Isn’t it easy to feel genuine love from this place? Isn’t this the foundation you’d rather have for your relationship?

If so simply affirm that to yourself via your Heart.

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