Relationships – Why Negative Experiences Repeat Themselves

If you’ve ever experienced some form of negative or what some refer to as abusive events in your relationships you may have, if you’re older or experienced enough, also noticed that the such events have a tendency to repeat themselves. Why is this?Well in order to understand this one must first look to the origins of the problem.Some of us are fortunate to have had a wonderfully happy, safe and secure childhood. The rest of us unfortunately experienced some form of “abuse” whether it was sexual, emotional, physical, mental, etc.When the memories of these events get stored in one’s mind and body they do several things.First of all they make you feel lousy and lousy about yourself i.e. they engender feelings of low self esteem, low self worth, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, feelings of defectiveness, inadequacy and so on.

Second, in making you feel this way they also deplete you of your life energy and this is equivalent to being murdered. To make this point clearer when one’s life energy is being depleted from the physical body that’s the same as the process of dying because when one’s entire life energy is depleted from that body they are effectively dead. Correct?

Last but not least these memories, act magnetically, to cause you to draw similar such negative experiences into your life. In other words it’s like you have a “bull’s eye” on your forehead and are a moving target. A target for more “abuse”! Believe it or not it’s as simple as that.

So having read all this, and believing that such memories cannot be changed might make one feel rather helpless and disparaging of ever being happy and free.

Fortunately the past “can” be changed! Yes, I know you’re likely now thinking “this man has lost his mind”, but bear with me a little while longer.

In the last 12 years I have been working with a new tool called the Mind Resonance Process® (MRP) which you can experience freely as you wish. I have shown in scientifically repeatable case studies over the last decade that negative memories can be “permanently” released from one’s mind and body.

When this happens an individual invariably begins to feel re-energized, more present, alive, at peace, happy, no longer like a victim, empowered, rejuvenated, healthier and so on.

MRP most importantly has the capacity to alter the focus of what one attracts into their lives from victim like events to those that are empowering and life giving rather than life taking. It’s like re-programming your mind and body for an entirely new life experience and then living from there.

This is equivalent to becoming invisible to negative events and visible to positive events so that the former will never find you and the latter will always find you. Feeling inspired?

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