Relationships – What is Responsible For Sabotaging Yours?

Do you find yourself saying or doing things that habitually undermine your chances of relationship success? In other words are you repeatedly sabotaging your relationship? Do you know why? Do you want to stop? Here’s your chance.In many cases when self sabotaging behaviors seem to erupt in the context of a relationship they do so in an unexpected and uninvited way. The individual who is responsible for them often feels like they came out of the blue and had little or no control over the negative behavior. This is because such behaviors are not “consciously” driven. Rather they emerge from a deeply conditioned programming that lives at the subconscious level of the mind/body.Such “programs” are the result of unconscious negative memories stored within that run the person’s life and make them feel like a helpless “victim” passenger.

One generally only begins to discern the presence of such negative self destructive programs after reflecting on a life of repeated failures where they begin to connect the dots. Most people don’t see the thread until much later in life when it is already too late.

To begin to reclaim full control over one’s thoughts, perceptions and actions it becomes imperative to “unearth” or “make conscious” the roots of this programming and “extract” or “uninstall” it permanently. As I said this programming is rooted in and fed by deeply buried negative memories from one’s past. Until and unless these are uprooted they will continue to wreak havoc on one’s life.

In order to release such memories it becomes necessary to bring into question the purpose they supposedly serve in being there within in the first place. For instance many individuals believe that past memories serve to a) teach them valuable life lessons, b) make up part of who they are c) protect them from re-experiencing similar negative events in future and so on.

When one brings these beliefs into question the memories start to “come loose” ready for release. This is often experienced as an increase in personal self control and a heightening of consciousness & clarity over one’s choices. Needless to say the self destructive habits start to spontaneously disappear also.

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