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resistance:After  more  hours upon  hours  of spiritual  autolysis,  I  wrote  something  else  that  is true: What you resist persists. I think I first heard that from L. Ron Hubbard – one of his “genius” moments as a scout many years ago – before others started saying it, and before he got lost on his way. So it is not something I came up with; but I did test it, and I did find it to be true. In  searching  the  Internet,  I  see  references  to  this  sentence  attributed  to  a  lot  of different  sources and  groups, from  the famous  psychiatrist  Carl Jung (although  I could never verify he said it), to EST (although Warner Erhard took the basics of EST from L. Ron Hubbard), to Neale Donald Walsch in  Conversations with God. It was also used in Rhonda  Byrne’s  The  Secret.  But  as  is  necessary  inside  the  movie  theater,  the  true meaning and application  were altered so the Human Adults who try to use this gem of wisdom  for  their  own  self-improvement  would  find  themselves  going  deeper  into limitation instead. “Every time we resist something, we are spending our energy in the wrong way. It is  much better – and much easier indeed – to stop resisting what we don’t want and focus  on attracting what we do want. Instead of resisting poverty, and struggling to make more  money  to  prevent  it  by  getting  a  second  job,  try  to  focus  on  attracting  prosperity  by  having positive thoughts while working. If you hate your job and are thinking about this  every  morning,  you  are  resisting  going  to  work.  Therefore,  it  will  be  harder  to  get  a  promotion or find a better job.”1 “The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think  about.  Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest.”2 By now you should be able to see what is not true about this interpretation of “what you resist persists,” how it was twisted inside the movie theater to make it unworkable for a Human Adult (as all things must be). But just in case, let me state it clearly…. The  premise  is  that  you  should  stop  thinking  negative  thoughts  and  focus  on  the positive  thoughts,  because  if  you  focus  on  the  negative  thoughts,  they  will  persist  and make it impossible for the positive thoughts to manifest. Fair enough? But that entire premise is based on a judgment: “negative” thoughts versus “positive” thoughts.  It  is  also  based  on  the  untruth  that  you  can  manifest  anything  in  your holographic universe, much less attract the “positive” things if you focus on them. The  truth  is  that  all  resistance  is  based  on  a  judgment;  or  put  the  other  way, resistance  would  not  exist  without  a  prior  judgment.  If  you  judge  something  to  be “negative,”  you  resist  it.  So the  solution  is not  to  try  to deny or  ignore  the  “negative” thoughts and focus on the “positive ones,” but to eliminate the judgment altogether that is the source of the resistance. You want a “better” job? Stop judging the one you have and you will stop resisting it at the same time.

Although I don’t want to state this as “Truth,” it has been my experience that as long as I judge and resist something, I stay in that experience. Only when I stop judging, and therefore automatically stop resisting, is it possible for my experience to change. My first example  of this came when I was twenty years old. I was deep into Peter Marshall  at  the  time,  and  I  called  God,  “The  Chief,”  as  he  did.  I  was  in  Caracas, Venezuela, helping to create the Spanish equivalent of Up With People for that country. I  had  been  with  Up  With  People about  a  year  and  spent  most  of  that  time  as  the drummer; but I wanted to be more than that. I wanted to be a musical director, and I kept judging my drumming to be “less than” what I wanted and was capable of, and therefore resisted it. One day as I was going to sleep in Caracas, I had a major transformation and said a very sincere prayer…. “Chief, I have made a decision. If you want me to be a drummer for the rest of my  life, if that’s the best way I can serve you and the rest of mankind, I will do it – joyfully, gladly, and enthusiastically. I promise.” And I meant it. …and I gave up all judgment and resistance to drumming at that moment. The very next day I received a call from the CEO of Up With People, telling me he was  creating  a  third  cast  and  asking  me  to  come  back  right  away  to  be  its  musical  director. I could give you numerous other examples like this from my life, but I think you get the point. * * What you resist persists. In  fact,  the  more  you  resist  “negative”  thoughts  and  try  to  replace  them  with “positive” thoughts, the more “negative” thoughts you will have. Isn’t that what it says? By trying to focus only on the “positive” thoughts, aren’t you automatically resisting the “negative” ones? And then won’t they persist? It’s like the old game, “try not to think about elephants.” Of course, elephants are all you can think about then. That’s why  The Secret and the “Law of Attraction” don’t work; or at least, it’s one reason.  The  other  reason  is  that  they  were  part  of  life  inside  the  movie  theater  and therefore couldn’t work except to create more limitation. For example, there seem to be a lot of “peaceworkers” springing up all over the place these days. But if you resist war, war is what you will get; if you resist violence, violence is  what  you  get;  and  if  you  are  a  “peaceworker,”  you  are  resisting  war  and  violence, despite what some of them will try to say. So as more and more “peaceworkers” appear, we get more and more war and violence in the world. Just read the news these days. Peaceworking is a great distraction from the real issue – you and your judgments and the  layers  of  your  ego.  Mahatma  Gandhi  said  “be  the  change  you  wish  to  see  in  the world.” He didn’t say, “be the change you wish to see in the world, and then go out and change the world,” or “then go out and try to make everyone else to be the way you are.” It’s  really  pretty  simple.  Only  when  you  stop  judging  war  and  violence  to  be “wrong”  or  “bad”  and  understand  and  embrace  them  as  perfect,  along  with  everything else in your hologram, will you stop resisting them, at which point they no longer need to persist.

Jesus said… “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy  right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take  away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also. And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile,  go with him twain. Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee  turn not thou away.”3 So it’s not just about not resisting. It’s about embracing what you  resist; about not trying to fix or change or improve something, but about realizing it is all perfect, war and violence included. That’s what “what you resist persists” means. And what is there to resist? Every experience you have, down to the smallest detail, was  created  for  you  by your  Infinite  I,  so  why resist  it?  What  are  you  actually  saying when you resist an experience? You’re saying your  Infinite I got it wrong and you don’t trust it. * * By now I’m sure you  understand that writing this book is part of my own spiritual autolysis, so it doesn’t surprise me when an experience pops up in my hologram to point out something to me to process as well as include it in the book. As I was writing the last chapter, some family of my friend had come to visit for a couple weeks, along with their four-year-old son who had a habit of screaming at the top of his lungs, both in anger and in excitement. The screams were piercing, magnified by echoes  off  the  walls  and  surrounding  buildings.  They  hit  a  pitch  that  would  shatter  a glass. The parents did nothing when he screamed, except laugh a little. When I asked my friend, he said this was the way Germans and Swiss bring up their children, that only the UK would try to “suppress” their kids from screaming. Okay, I can accept that different cultures have different attitudes toward childrearing, and I had no judgment about it, although it’s not the way I raised my children nor would raise them today (which has nothing to do with “suppression”); and I had also recognized from  the  time  I  spent  living  in  Europe  that  Europeans  in  general  were  often  more oblivious than Americans to anyone else around them, whether they were driving a car, or standing in the center of a busy doorway, or ignoring the effects of a screaming child on those around it. So I did resist these screams for a few minutes, especially since I was trying to finish Chapter Seventeen. Then I took some moments to process my resistance, realizing I was attached to this ego layer of being an author and needing my space to write. Once I had let go of that, I was free to follow the flow and decided my Infinite I wanted me to take a break before starting the next chapter in the book. Fortunately, the day was cooler than usual for the middle of the summer, cloudy with a few thunderstorms building; so I could take a walk for the first time in several weeks without the scorching heat, something  I really enjoyed doing. I donned my mp3 player and  set  off  down  the  beach  along  the  Mediterranean  toward  town,  listening  to  Abba’s greatest hits, doing my own version of the boogie to Take a Chance on Me and Dancing  Queen. It was so great to be out walking again, something I appreciated very much and took as a reward from my Infinite I for the hard work I had been putting in on the book. But it got  better  the  further  I  walked.  The  wind  and  the  Sea  were  picture-perfect,  and  I  met beautiful women along the way, one after the other. One woman was so beautiful I had to stop and tell her so, which she answered with a smile and a “Thank You,” in English! At the far end of the beach, I sat at a café and had a couple ice teas and some potato chips – a treat I had not indulged in for a little while. I was so happy to have taken this walk  and experienced  so  much  pleasure  and  enjoyment  and  refreshment  for both body and mind. Of  course,  I  expressed  my  appreciation  (silently)  to  the  four-year-old  boy,  his parents, and my friend for playing their parts to allow me to see and detach from another layer of my ego, and to get me away from my computer and out on the beach again; and to my Infinite I for the amazing and beautiful experience; and to myself for be willing to examine my resistance as soon as it came up. I wouldn’t have missed that walk for the world. This time I doubt the boy will stop screaming…. Wow! He didn’t stop completely, but the frequency is a lot less, and now it doesn’t bother me nearly as much. * * I had a friend many years ago who made an obscene amount of money scraping old rubber off airport runways.  Around the age of fifty-five, he was diagnosed with cancer and given two years to live. Rather than resist the cancer, he decided to accept his fate and wanted to spend his last two years giving something back to the country he loved so much and had given him such incredible opportunities. He started a magazine called “The Duck Book,” educating his  readers  about  the  true  nature  of  the  U.S.  economic  system,  and  sold  lifetime subscriptions for $10 – his lifetime, not yours. He figured he’d be dead in two years, so what the hell. Two years later his cancer had disappeared. Now he had a new problem: thousands of  lifetime  subscriptions  for  $10  to  honor.  That  was  solved  when  he  was  assassinated within  a  few  years  in  Costa  Rica,  having  become  too  much  of  a  threat  to  the  world’s financial cartel. But that’s not the point, obviously.  The point is… well, you  get it, not resisting the cancer…. * * In  2009  I  delivered  some  workshops  in  Europe  on  the  topic  of  the  Holographic Universe and  the Human  Game.  Naturally,  as part  of any workshop, you  want  to have some exercises the participants can do to make the theories real to them, to give them a personal experience of the truth you’re trying to impart. There were three particular exercises I used the most and highly recommend for you as well. The first is to take one day – just twenty-four hours – and do nothing that doesn’t excite you to do. No “must do’s,” no “have to do’s,” no “should do’s.” You are allowed to do only what you  want to do and brings you joy. You might find it’s not as easy as it sounds. After all, we have a lot of habits hanging over from our days in the first half of the  Game  –  beliefs  that  might  pop  up  in  the  process.  But  just  remind  yourself  it’s  an experiment for a day and nothing more and see what happens. For example, see if your Infinite  I gives you  a sign or rewards you  in some  special  way,  just to let  you  know it works, and will work for you as well.

The  second  exercise  is,  again,  to  take  just  twenty-four  hours  and  not  try  to  do anything to “make something happen,” but to only react and respond to the experiences you encounter, that come to you. No goals, no agendas, no objectives. No thinking you have to do anything at all to make things happen in life. Simply react and respond to the experiences your Infinite I creates for you and see what kind of experiences you get, and whether they bring you more joy and happiness than you’re used to. The  third  exercise  is  my  favorite.  For  one  day  –  just  twenty-four  hours  –  the participants  in my workshops were only allowed  to say “Yes” to whatever  appeared  in their  hologram.  They  had  to  take  the  word  “No”  out  of  their  vocabulary  and  just  say “Yes” to everything that came their way. After all, if our  Infinite I is creating each and every  experience  we  have,  down  to  the  smallest  detail,  why  not  simply  say  “Yes”  to whatever it creates and see what happens?! You can’t imagine the resistance I encountered…. “What if someone asks me to do something I don’t want to do?” “You say ‘Yes’ and do it.” “But  what  if  someone  else  tries  to  take  advantage  of  me,  knowing  I  can  only  say  ‘Yes,’?” “That’s another fear you’ll have to face.” “But what if it’s illegal or immoral?” …and the objections went on and on, all based on fear and judgment; and of course, that was the whole point, exposing these fears and judgments for them to see – that, and giving the participants the experience of saying “Yes” and realizing they could trust their Infinite I and the experiences it would create for them. Then  I  found  out  there  was  a  movie  released  in  2008  which  I  had  never  seen  (or heard of, since I had been isolated in Portugal the whole time) called  The Yes Man with Jim Carrey.  When I finally saw it, I thought it was one of the most brilliant films ever made, and one of the best “hints” and “clues” ever presented to Human Adults inside the movie theater. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Some  have  tried  to  minimize  its  “Yes”  message,  claiming  the  guru  character, Terrence, retracts his own advice in the end. But that’s not so at all. Here’s the set-up…. Jim Carrey believes he has made a covenant to only say “Yes,” and if he breaks that covenant, something bad will happen to him. He did, in fact, break the covenant and is in the hospital with Terrence after a car accident. * * “Terrence, you have to remove the covenant. It’s killing me!” “There is no covenant. There never was. I was just riffing.” “Riffing?” “Well, I had to say something. You were being difficult, embarrassing me in front of my crowd.” “So the whole ‘Yes’ thing is all bullshit?” “No, you just don’t know how to use it, that’s all.” “Yeh, I do. Say ‘Yes’ to everything – real tough to grasp.” “No, that’s not the point. Well, maybe at first it is, but that’s just to open you up to it, to  get  you  started.  Then  you’re  saying  ‘Yes,’  not  because  you  have  to,  or  because  a covenant tells you to, but because you know in your heart that you want to.”4 * * That’s the whole point: Why wouldn’t anyone want to say “Yes” to any experience their  Infinite  I creates  for  them?  Why  would  anyone  want  anything  else  than  the experience  they  are  having  right  at  the  moment,  knowing  their  Infinite  I designed  it especially for them,  down to the smallest  detail?  Why would anyone  resist anything  in their hologram? Actually, I can think of a couple reasons why, and pretty good ones at that. The  first  is that  they simply  don’t  trust their  Infinite  I, and  you  can’t blame  them. After all, they just spent their entire lives inside the movie theater having one experience after  another  they  weren’t  too  thrilled  about,  or  at  least  wished  would  be  “better”  and thought there was something about them that needed to be changed, fixed, or improved. Said more simply, a lot of first-half experiences resulted in drama and conflict and pain and suffering – which we now know were caused by our own judgments and resistance. But we have a history and a habit of saying “No” to those experiences and assume those kinds of experiences would continue, even multiply, if we started saying “Yes.” Another reason is that we’re control freaks – all of us, to a certain degree. We spent a lot of time inside the movie theater trying to control everything – our lives, our money, the people around us, the dangerous world we live in, and so on. Of course, it was just an illusion that we had any control at all over our experiences other than our reactions and responses to them. Saying  “Yes”  requires  giving  up  that  illusion  of  control,  requires  releasing  the steering wheel, letting go of the tiller, going totally with the flow with no resistance. But at the same time, starting to say “Yes” and making a new habit out of it is the easiest and fastest way to gain trust in your Infinite I, once you see where it leads you. It may also be one of the most powerful and effective ways of transforming into a butterfly.  So give it a try for twenty-four hours and see for yourself…. Saying “Yes” is the antidote to resistance. Twenty-four hours is not a lot to ask – no lifetime commitment. But if you like the results of these experiments, you might want to do them for forty-eight hours next time; then  for  a  week,  and  then  forever.  And  remember,  at  the  end  of  each  day  be  sure  to express appreciation to your  Infinite I for your experiences, and appreciation to yourself for your role as its Player and for the great job you did. One note: you cannot do any of this “wrong.” There’s no trick, nothing you have to be careful of, no way to screw it up. So don’t worry. As Nike used to say, “Just do it.” * * When my younger son was sixteen, we had a heart-to-heart, which he may or may not remember. I told him if he woke up one morning and was overcome with excitement to rob a bank, I wanted him to do just that, to go out and buy the mask and the gun (a toy  one,  preferably)  and  anything  else  he  needed,  and  walk  up  to  that  bank  as  if  he  were going  to rob it;  because,  I suggested,  it didn’t  mean  he would actually  have to  rob the bank, although I was not able to judge whether that would be a “good” thing or a “bad” thing in the end. But there were other possibilities. For example, he could be walking up to the bank putting  his  mask  on  when  a  movie  producer  (this  was  in  Hollywood)  would  come  by,

stop  him  and  say,  “You’re  exactly  what  I’ve  been  looking  for.  I  have  this  part  in  my movie for someone just like you, and I’ll pay you $100,000 if you’ll take the role.” In The Yes Man, Jim Carrey realizes he would never have met the love of his life if he had not said “Yes,” even though it was under the false impression he had to because of some covenant. * * You remember the day, a few years ago, when I sat in my apartment realizing I had no job, no income, no money, no prospects, no lover, and so on; and I totally surrendered  to  the  reality  of  “what  was”  without  emotion  or  regret  or  any  desire  to  change  my situation. Now  I  can  say,  and  you  will  understand,  that  I  let  go  of  all  resistance  to  my holographic experience at that moment. Within three days, Robert Scheinfeld appeared in my hologram (via one of his DVD “home  transformation  systems”)  and  showed  me  the  door  in  the  back  of  the  movie theater; at which point I walked through it. I  can  look  back  on  that  experience  now  from  a  slightly  different  perspective,  that when I stopped judging and resisting, I became useless to my Infinite I as a Player in the first half of the Human Game. I was no longer going to have or send back to my Infinite I emotional  feelings  in  reaction  or  response  to  experiences  of  limitation  and  restriction, which is why I was playing the first half of the Game to begin with. I can imagine my  Infinite I has other Players it created that may still be playing the first  half  of  the  Human  Game,  who  can  continue  to  feed  it  the  feelings  it  wants  of imperfection. It didn’t need me, and I wasn’t going to suit its purposes any more in that role. Instead, I began to feed it the feelings from the second half of the Game – what it feels like once you’re over the top of that first hill on the rollercoaster and into the next part of the ride – which are just as valuable to it, I’m sure. This doesn’t mean that anyone can fake non-resistance in order to fool their Infinite I to take them into the second half of the Game just so they can get out of the first half, which  they  still  don’t  like.  You  can’t  deny  or  ignore  or  suppress  resistance;  you  must totally and willingly let it go out of your system entirely.  You must be willing to fully embrace every moment of every experience created for you by your  Infinite I, and love and appreciate it no matter what it is. As long as you judge and resist playing the first half of the Human Game, you can never move  into the second half. As long as you  resist total surrender, letting  go of all judgments and beliefs and opinions, you can never make it to the Pacific Ocean. As long as you resist giving up your identity as a caterpillar, you can never become a butterfly. More easily said than done, perhaps, and very scary….

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