SUPREME SELF:In this chapter is described the method of realizing the Self. When the mind in the form of the ego, which takes the body for the Self and strays outwards, is curbed within the Heart the sense of ‘I’ in the body relinquished, and enquiry made with a still mind as to who it is that dwells in the body, a subtle illumination will be experienced as ‘I-I’ which is no other than the Absolute, SUPREME SELF:the Self, seated in the lotus of the Heart, in the city of the body, the tabernacle of God. Then one should remain still, with the conviction that the Self shines as everything yet nothing, within, without, and everywhere, and is also the 2 The adherents of the Hindu doctrine which postulates One Supreme Reality and dismisses the names and forms of all else as illusion. 3 Ganapati is the son of Rudra, Brahma is the God of Creation, Vishnu of Preservation, Rudra or Siva of Destruction, Maheswara of universal veiling, Sadasiva is the Deity whose bestowal of Grace removes the veiling. Self-Enquiry 29 transcendental Being. This is known as meditation on the Truth conveyed by the dictum ‘Sivoham’, ‘I am Siva’ and is also called the Fourth State. That which is even beyond this subtle experience is God, variously termed the State beyond the Fourth, the Omnipresent, Supreme Being which shines as the Core of the Divine Flame within, and described as manifesting in concentration and meditation, the Sixth and Seventh steps of the Eightfold Yoga, the Expanse of the Heart, pure Consciousness, the Absolute shining in the mind’s sky, Bliss, the Self, SUPREME SELF:and Wisdom. By long, continuous, and steady practice of this meditation on the Self as ‘I am the Supreme’, the veil of ignorance in the Heart and all the resultant obstructions will be removed, and perfect Wisdom will result. Knowing in this manner the Real indwelling in the cavity of the Heart, in the tabernacle of the body, is indeed realizing the Absolute, which is inherent in all, because the Heart comprises all that exists. This is confirmed by the scriptural text, ‘The Sage abides blissful in the city of nine gates which is the body’, and ‘The body is the temple, the individual self is the Absolute. If He is worshipped as “The Supreme I am”, Liberation will result; the Spirit which bears the body in the form of five sheaths is the cavity; the cavity is only the Heart, the transcendental Being residing therein is the Lord of the Cave.’ This method of realizing the Absolute is known as dahara vidya or Intuitive Knowledge of the Heart. What more is there to say? One should realize It by direct, immediate experience.

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