Total Freedom From the Fear of Being Alone

Do you know that the fear of being alone is responsible for deep feelings of neediness and emptiness that many individuals live with daily? Do you know that this fear undermines one’s self confidence, self worth, self esteem, the freedom to make freewill choices, opens one up to manipulation, exploitation and abuse from others, limits one’s self expression, makes one dependent, unattractive and rejectable? Do you know that many individuals blame themselves needlessly for the ravages that this fear wreaks on their lives?Finally do you know that this fear which is generated by unconsciously stored negative memories can be completely and permanently erased so as to give you back your life? How does one do that you ask?

The fear of being alone is met with feelings of dread and one attempts to compensate for it in numerous ways that make them feel totally out of control. For instance an individual might allow anyone who will give them attention into their lives. This of course leaves them open, vulnerable and in danger. This is much like “turning off” one’s ability to discern what/who is right and what/who isn’t for one’s self.

Such individuals thus find themselves reluctantly resorting to self destructive “needy” behaviors that they and others blame them for. Unfortunately this only serves to undermine self esteem further and feeds the fear of being alone thus making it stronger. All this means that the individual starts to feel irreversibly gripped by a powerful internal force that actually should never have been inside of them in the first place.

The fear is, as mentioned, fueled by negative painful early memories of rejection, abandonment, neglect, abuse, etc. which leave the individual feeling vulnerable, weak, deficient, unloved, unwanted, empty and like they will be annihilated if ever alone.

Fortunately there is now a new coaching process that can uncover and permanently erase these negative memories which behave like what I have termed “emotional landmines” waiting to go off. When erased the individual will feel more independent, self sufficient, stronger, capable, whole, stable, empowered, discerning, resilient, confident and will have a healthy dose of self esteem and self worth.

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