Do Vaccines Violate The Christian Faith?




Vaccines : Most Christians I know have never given this issue much of a thought, and it is not because they don’t understand the Bible. You can be a Bible Scholar and still not understand why vaccination violates Christianity because you also need to understand vaccines in depth, starting with ingredients.

I want to start by saying that I am not presenting this information because I think I have some edge on the Christian Faith, some insight into the Bible that is unique and profound, or that God has shown me something different than He has shown anyone else. I do not have a doctorate in Theology, but I do read my Bible everyday, have a prayer life, and attend church in a local Bible-teaching fellowship. My point is, I am not presenting this because I think I have some superior take on scripture (although I know God has been showing me things on a very deep level regarding this topic), my understanding which reveals the conflict is on the other side of the coin: an in-depth understanding of vaccines and their ingredients. 
There are many reasons why vaccines and Christianity conflict, but I am only going to focus on two for this post: murder and destruction.

The Enemy of our souls is on a continuous mission to steal, kill, and destroy us. (John 10:10) He does this by first confusing and dividing us. The first point is going to take a look at vaccine ingredients and development and exactly how they are products of murder. The second point is going to explain the path of destruction of vaccines take us on and just a few of the ways our Enemy has been successful in bringing destruction upon through this “pharmakeia“.

Wait a minute, what?!?!?! MURDER?
Yes, murder. Abortion is murder, murder of innocent unborn children – the very lowest kind of murder. (Mark 10:19) Abortions are used for the research, development, and production of many vaccines, a cornerstone founded on destruction from the Enemy. The DNA from these aborted babies is present in at least 21 vaccines including the following, and also many more in development:
1. *Varicella (the chicken pox vaccine)
2. *MMR (the suddenly hot topic vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella)
3. *Hepatitis A

4. Twinrix (a Hepatitis A and Hepatits B combo)
5. Pentacel (a combination DTaP, Hep B, Polio)
6. Zoster (the Shingles vaccine)
7. Rabies
8. Adenovirus – currently in development
9. Ebola – currently in development 

*Vaccines included in the routine, childhood vaccine schedule for the United States as recommended by the CDC. Many doctors are now refusing patients if they do not follow this schedule by getting every single vaccine in the schedule, on “time” according the CDC.

I know many Christians who boycotted Pepsi when they heard that they use productsfrom aborted babies in their soda and/or in their research to enhance flavor. I also know many Christians who refuse to buy or eat Girl Scout Cookies because some of the proceeds support Planned Parenthood which promotes and performs abortion on mass scale. For some reason, obvious when you really think about it, there is division among Christians about vaccines and exactly how to approach the fact that abortions contaminate them and the companies that produce them. What if you knew that EVERY SINGLE VACCINE in the CDC recommended childhood schedule is made by a company that uses fetal cells in some of their vaccines and also sometimes uses aborted babies for research and development of new vaccines? If Merck, who makes MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines and uses aborted babies in the process and their DNA is present in those vaccines, is it then perfectly moral to purchase and have injected into yourself or your child their Hepatitis B vaccine? 

There is obvious confusion regarding this aspect of vaccines and how the Christian should approach it, and even more confusion clouding the truth behind it. There is amyth that there were only 2 aborted babies ever in the use of vaccine manufacturing and they were aborted (murdered) back in the 60’s and 70’s, so it doesn’t matter. That is a lie, straight from the Father of Lies (John 8:44) to dumb down the mutilation, cloning, and freak-science involved in the murder of precious, innocent life. As if “only 2” would matter to those of us that find abortion abhorrent.

Let’s take a look at some of the circumstances behind the some of the abortions in contribution to current vaccines:
WI-38 (in Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella – MMR & Shingles among many others) After years of aborted fetal research, this was the 38th electively aborted fetus’ (the first 37 did not offer successful results) that came from a married couple in Sweden who chose to abort because they did want any more children. The baby was a healthy little girl, 3 months gestation.

RA273. For the making of the Rubella vaccine, over 80 aborted babies were defiled: 
“The rubella virus clinically named RA273 (R=Rubella, A=Abortus, 27=27th fetus, 3=3rd tissue explant) was then cultivated on the WI-38 aborted fetal cell line. A later research paper by Stanley Plotkin would reveal that 40 more babies were aborted after RA273 was successfully isolated, with virus strains taken from 34 of them.[13A] This means a total of over 80 separate, elective abortions recorded were involved in the research and final production of the present day rubella vaccine: 21 from the original WI-1 through WI-26 fetal cell lines that failed, plus WI-38 itself, plus 67 from the attempts to isolate the rubella virus. As one can clearly see Wistar not only directly managed the controlled abortions used to collect the rubella virus, but they also provided the cell substrate for cultivating it from the fetuses obtained by Sven Gard.” -Children of God For Life website, (linked above)

MRC-5  (in MMR, Chicken Pox, certain Polio vaccines, Hepatitis A, Rabies, Shingles, Smallpox) was a male baby aborted at 14 weeks used for lung tissue.

PER-C6 (a newer abortion from 1985 – the older ones are expiring and new ones are being required for use in research and new vaccine development and will also be replacing the older strains in current vaccines – currently being used in the development of new vaccines including Ebola, Flu, Avian Flu, West Nile Virus, and Marsburg Disease)

Key excerpts from the above document: Dr. Van Der Eb, Crucel NV is speaking…
“So I isolated retina from a fetus, from a healthy fetus as far as could be  seen, of 18 weeks old.  There was nothing special with a family history or the pregnancy was completely normal up to the 18 weeks, and it turned out to be a socially indicated abortus – abortus provocatus, and that was simply because the woman wanted to get rid of the fetus.”

HEK-293 HEK stands for human embryonic kidney, 293- the number of aborted fetal experiments prior to the establishment of this line. Is that enough destruction yet to convince us that the Devil really is in the details? This baby was perfectly healthy up until the elective abortion and the baby’s kidney’s are used for the development of the Ebola vaccine, many other pharmaceuticals, and flavoring experiments.

These abortions were all elective. They were not babies that unfortunately died and whose bodies were donated to science for the betterment of society. These babies were murdered, mutilated, and mauled in experimental freak-science and whose DNA contaminates vaccines injected into our bloodstream. In a minute, I will explain why this contamination contributes to destruction beyond the murders themselves. Let this sobering statement settle in for a minute about the method of some of these abortions:

“For example, he talks about how in Sweden they have been puncturing the sac of a pregnant woman at let us say 14 to 16 weeks, and then they put a clamp on the head of the baby, pull the head down into the neck of the womb, drill a hole into the baby’s head, and then put a suction machine into the brain and suck out the brain cells. And this is directly from his book. Healthy human fetuses from 7 to 21 weeks from legal abortions were used. This is in Sweden. The conception age was estimated from crown rump length and so on. Fetal liver and kidney were rapidly removed and weighed. Now at 21 weeks, what they were doing, or 18 weeks, or 16 weeks, was what is called prostaglandin abortions. They would inject a substance into the womb. The woman would then go into mini-labor and pass this baby. 50% of the time, the baby would be born alive, but that didn’t stop them. They would just simply open up the abdomen of the baby with no anesthesia, and take out the liver and kidneys, etc.” source

If that does not describe the type of killing and destruction the Enemy enjoys, we have been even more deceived than we know. Let me ask you this: Would you support a mission organization that offers abortion as a ministry in the field? If not, then you might want to reconsider supporting a mission organization that requires vaccines for missionaries or one that offers vaccines as a “service” in the field. I have recently become convicted that I can never again support an organization that requires vaccines or administers vaccination as part of their ministry. There are far better ways to protect the health of the suffering than through vaccines.


Beyond the destruction, division, and confusion of the murders interlaced in the vaccine enterprise, there is even more confusion, division, and destruction impacting our society as a result of vaccines.

Believers, we know our Enemy’s plans for us. He wants to destroy us, he is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Those babies that were and are being killed to propagate this industry were just the beginning. From the first vaccine created to the ones in development, the devil really is in the details. How does he disguise himself? Like an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). He is a liar and deceiver, making himself look wise and appealing. Brothers and sisters, he has deceived us for too long. He has caused confusion among us, so it would appear that vaccines saved society from deadly disease when they have not. This post is not about that, but I am including links if you want to dofurther investigation into that area of deception. From smallpox, the first vaccine that was produced by the “Father of Immunology” Edward Jenner (an interesting fact that some believers might find relevant, Jenner was also a Master Mason and became a Worshipful Master for the Free Masons, source) to Polio, and every one given currently, vaccines have done nothing but harm. 

The issues surrounding vaccination have generated intense debates pitting personal rights against public health interlaced into the issue is an absolute confusion regarding the truth concerning the effectiveness of vaccines, the safety of vaccines, and how far andwide the strains of destruction reach. Spurring fear in every corner of the world that children will die without vaccines has caused division and heated controversy among parents, health officials, and government. Now, let me ask you, before getting caught up in the issue itself, who operates to motivate us with fear? Hopefully, you answered “The Enemy”, God directs us with peace (Philippians 4:7). Fear of diseases not present within us, fear of death from diseases we are unlikely to develop (Hebrews 2:15) (and even more unlikely to die from) fear of illness itself and making choices to use products interlaced with the murders of the unborn based on pre-emptive fear is not something The King of Glory would not move within us to do (2 Timothy 1:7).  It has been proven that vaccines can and do disable and destroy lives and that they can and do, in some cases, kill infants, children, and adults. There has been over $3 Billion awarded from the US government for people and their families who have suffered disability and death from vaccines. We don’t know who they are going to kill or cripple before they are given. Fear of disease has driven our society to risk of our childrens’ lives, and also our own. 

The aborted baby DNA has given cause for concern about the safety of vaccines. In the development of the AIDS vaccine, the aborted cell line PER-C6 was used. “The aborted fetal cell line PER C6 which was used in the Merck AIDS vaccine is modified by Crucell NV with the troubling AD 5 vector.  PER C6 AD5 has been known to cause cancerous tumors in nude mice – and apparently, increased the risk of contracting HIV.  And since PER C6 AD 5 is being used to develop numerous other new vaccines for diseases such as influenza, Avian flu, West Nile virus, Ebola, [and] Marsburg Disease…” The oral Polio vaccine for years was contaminated with monkey DNA that has been proven to cause cancer and the SV-40 virus which was harvested from the monkeys has been found, and is still being found in tumors today from people who received the vaccine contaminated with that DNA. Besides human and animal DNA that has been shown to cause cancer in vaccine recipients, there are other known carcinogens in vaccines causing unknown amounts of destruction. Here are just a few of the known carcinogens and the vaccines mandated on the CDC schedule being pushed on us and our children:
formaldehyde (Hib, DTaP and all tetanus containing vaccines, various flu vaccines, meningococcal, and polio)
Polysorbate 80 (rotavirus, flu, DTaP, PCV)
Aluminum (DTaP, Hib, Hep A, Hep B, HPV, PCV, Tetanus)
Thimerisol (various flu vaccines, some tetanus vaccines, meningococcal)
MSG (flu, chicken pox, and shingles)
There are many more carcinogens in vaccines, but you get the point from this short list. Where cancer used to be more rare, now in our lifetime, 1/2.5 is expected to be diagnosed with cancer. We are risking cancer by injecting known carcinogens into our tissues when our cancer rates are sky-high to avoid the flu or chicken pox. This isconfusion at it’s best and destruction at it’s worst. 

I will only go into one more vaccine risk regarding destruction – brain and nerve damage. One ingredient known as a contributor to this is aluminum. Many vaccines cause encephalitis, or brain inflammation and this is not conspiracy hype, this comes directly from the manufacturer’s package inserts. It is disclosed as a possible side-effect for the following vaccines on the childhood schedule, among others: MMR, Chicken Pox,Hep B, and Flu. Additionally, DTaP and Hib also reported seizures and other nervous system disorders and Rotavirus includes death as a reported side-effect.  What you need to know about Encephalitis, or brain inflammation, is that it often leads to seizures and other brain impairments, including many behavioral disorders and Autism

This is all leading to another point, besides the fact that vaccines themselves cause thisdestruction, there is another area The Enemy seeks to destroy. He is constantly seeking to devour and destroy the family unit (Ephesians 6:11), because marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:31-32), and marriages matter to God (Malachi 2:16). 

What does this have to do with vaccines? When destruction happens to our children as a result of vaccine injury, be it cancer, seizure disorder, Autism, or the scores of other serious side-effects the divorce rate among the married parents bringing up our precious children jumps from 50% to a whopping 80%. When this hit me, that Satan is behind thedestruction of our children in part for the purpose of destroying marriage I realized a new depth to just how evil he really is. And it is all in disguise as means necessary to protect us from disease. That is a lie. We never needed vaccines to eliminate disease and we certainly don’t need them to protect us from the return of disease. 

“Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights in whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Vaccines are neither good nor perfect and when you taker a closer look at how they have come to be, the murder involved in their making, the destruction in the wake of their path, the confusion and division the very topic of forced vaccination has ensued and how the far-reaching depths of destruction impact the home and marriage, please know, it is your Enemy, not your Saviour, that would hope you choose to vaccinate.