A wonderful example of a Christian attitude

670px-Live-a-Good-Christian-Life-Step-14-150x150I don’t know if Rachelle Friedman is a Christian or not;  she never mentions God in the article I read about her, but some people are unwilling to risk anti-Christian backlash by mentioning Him to the general public, and of course news agencies decide which quotes to use and which to ignore…  in any case, there’s no confusion about her attitude being one to strive for.The article is called “Paralyzed at her bachelorette party, bride to marry Friday.”  Here’s how she became paralyzed:“Friedman was celebrating with her girlfriends in Virginia Beach, Va., about a month before she was supposed to be married last year when she was injured. After being pushed into the pool, she awkwardly hit the cement bottom. She knew immediately something was wrong.”

Take a moment and imagine that this tragedy happened to YOU.  What would your attitude be towards the person that pushed you?  Be honest;  only God can hear your thoughts, and He knows the truth.  Now check this out:

“The horseplay was no different from the way her friends had goofed around many times. Friedman could have just as easily pushed her friend in the water, she says. She refuses to even call the act a prank because that would imply some devious intent.”

That’s way better than *I* would have handled it;  I’d have been enraged at the thoughtless friend pushing me into the SHALLOW end of the pool where you could reasonably EXPECT the victim to bounce off the bottom.  Yes, I’d forgive her, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t see her as having done wrong.  But wait, there’s more:

“”People look at it like this is something that happened to me, but it happened to both of us,” Friedman said of her friend.”

Whether or not Ms. Friedman is Christian, that is an extraordinarily Christian attitude.  But wait, there’s MORE;  she says this about her friend:

“”She was tragically hurt, mentally and emotionally. And I was tragically hurt, physically,” Friedman says… “It’s harder to deal with when you’re hurt emotionally sometimes than when you’re hurt physically.”

Here this woman has been totally disabled, and her focus is on what the one who did it to her has suffered!!  She is more concerned with what this other woman has endured than her own devastation;  this is exactly what Jesus would do, and what WE should make it our goal to do…  although it won’t be easy.  God doesn’t just ask us to do what’s easy though;  if we want radical blessings, we have to first demonstrate radical obedience.  This 2nd message about being more concerned about those that harm you than about your own pain (the 1st is described in the post “Beyond forgiveness” on 4-24) is NOT being ignored;  this is where my current spiritual struggle is.

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